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Come Away With Us

We are the owners -  We've enjoyed kayaking so much we decided to open up our own kayak rental business. We picked this location for the many amenities the delta has to offer.

We decided we wanted our design to be a tiki hut on some kind of floating deck or patio boat. Checking out all the various boats for sale was a job, and then we found a 15X30 floating redwood deck that was used at The Meadows for a dance floor - Perfect!!! 

We  pulled it from Walnut Grove to Spindrift Marina with our friend Basil's boat.

 Now our next task was figuring out how to put a tiki hut on it - No problem for these two girls!!!  Cutting the plywood wasn't too bad-especially with Gary's help!!! Putting it up on a deck floating in the river was another story!!!  Now we needed to thatch the roof.  Ladders and hanging up high were tricks we mastered!!!  Paint the walls, put up signs and decorate!!!  See what girls can do!!!  YES!!!

Now that we're experts in the plywood area, we decided we needed to make signs to post around the delta loop for advertising.  More cutting, painting, and screw guns - Nothing we can't tackle.

We want to thank all our friends who have helped us.  You are awesome!!!